experciences of my coachees

 "I was very skeptical about coaching. And yet, I took the step ... and doors have opened for me that I did not think possible and some have also closed. During that period I was confronted very hard with myself, was encouraged to face everything but also to work on it. And thanks to the unwavering support of a fantastic coach where there is trust, I have learned to break down the walls that have built up around me."


"I worked with Inge when I needed to make important decisions both in my career and personal life.
Inge is a smart and sympathetic coach who can quickly sense the problems. She helped me put things together, get them structured. Her guidance not only helped me to discover the types of jobs that fit me but also to reinstall my confidence. I admire her calmness, positivity and open mind. I greatly appreciate Inge’s guidance to go for my passion. Thanks to the coaching sessions, I have become more resilient against ups and downs in life."


"Inge has the talent to help people who have doubts about further career choices. She made me aware of my personal preferences and needs, did not influence the decisions and helped me to structure the process."

Feedback just over a year after the coaching process:

"I am now entering into a sustainable relationship with my employer and I do not regret the decision I once made and you guided me very well."


"Inge managed to get me to write out my career dilemma in the short term. She helped me identify my motivations and talents, and provided me with the right tools to answer the questions I was struggling with. Like a true guide, she guided me to and beyond the crossroads I was at in my career and helped me choose a path. In just a few weeks I had mapped out myself as a professional.

Inge is without a doubt a true, intelligent mentor who not only gave me valuable career advice, but also held up the mirror to myself that I needed. "

"After 10 years as a manager, there was a sudden turning point with a lot of uncertainty and questions. The coaching could be tough and challenging for me and at the same time I needed support and understanding. It could all be there. The sessions were short and concise, starting from my question at that moment. The thinking frameworks and methods helped me broaden and provided tools. A powerful turning point was the walking coaching about my talents. The decision to change jobs was the logical consequence. As if it was meant to be, an interesting vacancy soon followed, we refined the application letter together and... I am now working."

"I came to Inge on the advice of an acquaintance. We soon came to some important insights together: what gives me energy, what are my talents, what are my values... And not unimportantly, I finally knew what I was looking for. I was looking for a job. Inge gave me tools to get that satisfaction and energy back. I was able to quickly put my 10 years of experience to work what my talents are and what my role in the organization could be. I am therefore stronger in my job."