executive professional & career coaching



Coaching is one of the most powerful ways in which personal and professional growth can be supported. Facilitating a successful journey to achieve personal and organisational growth in order to get full access to your own resources. Coaching gives access to better awareness, leads to a clear cut way of getting to the core of things.

Of course training and education have their value but there’s something different about coaching. It works from the inside outwards – often helping free up limiting beliefs and breaking the habits and behaviours that might hold someone back. By tapping into hopes, needs and beliefs directly, a coach is able to work with professionals to unlock understanding, focus effort and realise potential. Executive coaching for me is about exploring ways to realize goals and choosing to act upon what matters most. 


Themes are very broad. 

  • self-knowledge, self-confidence, resilience and self-care 
  • professional competences: making choices, developing a vision, (self)leadership, communicating in a connecting way, healthy (work) relationships, conflict management, recognizing and dealing with disruptors, embracing differences, dealing with stress
  • career competences: making career choices and decisions, applying for a job, making a CV, discussing promotion, increased employability and flexibility in the labor market, reintegration in the labor market or workplace (the physical, cognitive/mental and emotional recovery phase: has to be guided by doctor/therapist in case of long-term illness, depression, burn-out)

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