leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is about interweaving relations and results and about creating synergy between them. Your personal and organisational goals and challenges are the starting point of our work together.  


What happens during and in between coaching sessions:

  • Slowing down in order to move faster 
  • Getting hold of the elephant in the room
  • Creating the opportunity for reflection 
  • Making conscious choices
  • Giving words to your own vision on leadership: knowing what you want and how you can 
  • Formulating targets so as to move co-workers and your organisation
  • Creating and maintaining powerful working relations
  • Developing self leadership: playing with your strengths and pitfalls
  • Moving away from a fixed mindset and creating a growth mindset
  • Broadening perspectives, freewheeling and creating space in your head
  • Building strong connections
  • Becoming more resilient
  • Evolving to an inspirational and authentic leader

Inge is not only an excellent executive coach. She combines this asset with her experience as a leadership trainer and as line manager.