inge vanheule

Senior coach + HR/policy professional + parent + artist + master in linguistics & literature > 25 years experience with both profit and non-profit. LinkedIn profile


A 'relational', systemic and result driven approach is the common thread in my coaching and supervision work.  I believe and have seen again and again that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of both personal and organisational growth and all embed in the container of sustainability and good relations at work.  


I followed a range of training courses, not only in coaching, but also in supervision, communication and leadership. I regularly dive into professional literature with special eye for evidence-based substantiation. A way of cutting the crap. And I always have been in supervision myself: a deliberate choice to stay 'sharp' and caring for my coachees and myself as a professional.


I work in Learning & Development for almost 30 years. First 10 years as a consultant, coach and trainer on communication themes and leadership development. Subsequently 15 years at Ghent University. As a policy officer and coach, I worked closely with professors and policymakers. I supported managers and researchers to evolve in their careers or grow into authentic and strong leaders. During that period I was also an independent coach as a secondary profession.


Since 2021, I have professionally focused entirely on my own coaching and supervision practice. This path offers me the opportunity to share my passion with coachees and offers me the opportunity to co-create and share with fellow coaches. 


My signature presence

 Calm - Steady  – Getting to the core - Motivational – Reflective - Support - Courage - Critic thinking - Contribution  - Careful - Honest

Relevant certificates & training

• Certified Supervisor of Coaches and Consultants -The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations London (UK)

• Oplossingsgerichte intervisie - Oplossingsgericht Centrum 

• Gecertifieerd wandelcoach - Instituut voor Duurzaam Ondernemen

• Postgraduate executive coaching - Ashridge Business school UK

• Inspirerend coachen - Jef Clement

• Gecertifieerd professional coach - The Coaching Square

• Mindfulness - ITAM

• Heartfulness - ITAM

• Bemiddeling - Franky De Meyer

• Oplossingsgericht werken - True Colours

• Managementvaardigheden - SD Worx

• Coaching and Leadership - Minds in Motion

• Conflicthantering - Minds in Motion

• Train the Trainer - Minds in Motion

• Master en Geaggreerde in Germaanse Talen - Universiteit Gent


• Executive & career coach - Zelfstandig

• Coordinator Learning & development en HR coach - Universiteit Gent

• Beleidsmedewerker Kwaliteitszorg Onderwijs  - Universiteit Gent

• Interne coach - Vlaamse Overheid

• Senior coach, trainer & coordinator - Minds in Motion

• Trainer consultant - Randstad Training & Services

• Trainer - CERAN Lingua International