supervision for coaching and consultancy


Supervision provides a safe space to think, reflect, study and explore the coaching relationship and praxis. The role of supervisor is crucial in providing a space for reflection and a ‘meta’ perspective on the whole system of supervisor / client / client organisation and the dynamics between each element. It is a place of ‘reverie’ in the Bionic sense of providing opportunities for letting go, working with not knowing and dreaming. For the coach or consultant the supervisor is also a dynamic constant, providing support and stability in a complex environment. The ultimate goal of supervision is to help the coachee/clients in a more effective way.


Inge is supervisor of coaches since 2018 and graduated in 2023 at Tavistock with a  Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy, based on the Tavistock Models of systems and groups psychodynamics, organisational theories including complexity theory, theories of identity and difference, and Gestalt psychotherapy practice. 







individual approach

  • 1-on-1 converstations of 2 hours
  • 3 to 6 x per year 

Creating a space for exploration, honesty and real learning